Viagra for Men – the Legendary Blue Pill Safeguarding Men’s Health

Great Solution for a Touchy Problem – Viagra Pills for Men!

viagra for men for saleIf you ask any man what he is afraid to lose most of all, the first thing that will come to his mind will be sexual power. Yes, even the toughest masculine-looking representatives of the stronger sex feel absolutely helpless when they unexpectedly encounter problems with erection. Moreover, after a single failure in bed, the majority of men feel frustration, which causes further problems.

If failures occur over and over again, specialists commonly refer to this state as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Today everyone can find Viagra for men for sale, but several decades ago there were no effective drugs for this disorder, except its prevention, and problems with erectile function were referred as impotence. This was a dreadful diagnosis, which sounded almost like a death sentence, because it virtually meant the end of sexual life.

A revolution happened in middle 1990s, when American researchers accidentally discovered the unique property of Sildenafil, which soon became the basis for the creation of the first oral tab for ED treatment. As you have guessed, this revolutionary pill was called Viagra. Since that time Viagra for men has helped to over than 20 million people to restore their sexual function and return their appreciation for life.

Why is Viagra Considered a Revolutionary Drug?

viagra for men onlineThe entire history of ED treatment can be divided into two periods: before Viagra and after Viagra. Yes, there had been some methods of men’s potency regulation before the discovery of Viagra for men. But they were much less effective and caused a lot of discomfort.

For example, the most popular method involved injections of papaverine. The injections were made right before a sexual intercourse into the penis. This procedure was not only complicated and embarrassing for any man, but also rather painful. Just imagine how “happy” men who had to endure this procedure were, and how “eagerly” they were waiting for sex. As for Viagra pills for men, they marked the beginning of the new era in ED treatment. The necessity of painful injections ceased to exist. Swallowing one small pill resolved problems with erections for the next several hours. No surprise that discovery of Viagra for men has become a real revolution in pharmacology. Its advantages are obvious and include the following:

— Easy to use without driving attention to this fact. A small pill can be taken unnoticed with a glass of water or other liquid (not alcohol).

  • — Delayed effect. The drug starts “working” in 30-40 minutes after its taking, so it can be used beforehand, for example, in a restaurant.
  • — Doesn’t require regular use. The pill is taken when needed only.
  • — “Wise” mechanism of action. Erection occurs only if a man is sexually aroused. If you take a pill, but sexual intercourse doesn’t take place, nothing will happen.

What Does the Effectiveness of Viagra Depend on?

viagra for young menThose who just start taking Viagra for men often wonder whether its effectiveness depends on the age of the patient, his state of health, symptoms, concomitant conditions and other variables. Of course, all health conditions to a certain degree can influence the action of the drug. But it mainly refers to the risk side effects, not the quality of erection.

Commonly Viagra for young men is as effective as for aging ones. You also don’t need to increase the dosage with the course of time. Sildenafil doesn’t cause addiction and can be taken when needed in the prescribed dose. Also, numerous research has proved that the efficiency of Viagra for men doesn’t depend on the main cause of the sexual disorder. The drug works at the biochemical level, inhibiting enzymes, which prevent relaxation of the smooth muscles in the walls of particular blood vessels.

So, its effect depends very little on any external factors. According to the medical statistics, Viagra provides the required effect in 80 percent of cases, i.e. it helps eight in 10 men.

Is it Possible Today to Find Viagra for Men Online?

Apart from its numerous positive features, Viagra for men has two disadvantages: high price and non-availability over the counter. The latter means that in most countries of the world you can not purchase this drug at a usual drug store without a medical prescription. So, since the moment of the discovery of Viagra men have been looking for the ways of buying it cheaper and without a prescription. One of the most reliable methods of acquiring the drug on beneficial terms is to purchase Viagra for men online. Modern online pharmacies offer the popular pills at a lower price, and without the need of visiting a doctor. This method suits you, if:

  • — You don’t have contraindications to taking sildenafil, and/or you have a positive experience of its using.
  • — You are ready to have a medical consultation online. Maybe you will need a scan of your medical history or medical tests results.
  • — You don’t have enough time/desire to visit doctors and discuss your intimate issues, but you want to have an effective solution for your problem.

How to Find Viagra for Men for Sale at the Best Price

Taking into account the relatively high price for the brand-name Viagra, men often opt for its generics. What does that mean? Essentially, a generic drug is a full analog of the original drug, but it is manufactured by a side company.

Initially Viagra for men was produced exclusively by Pfizer company. But after its patent protection expired, other companies obtained the right to produce sildenafil-containing drugs using the original formula. Today generics of Viagra are manufactured by many large pharmaceutical companies in different countries of the world. Their chemical composition, and, consequently, pharmacological effect is exactly the same as the effect of the original drug, but since these manufacturers didn’t have to spend money on clinical trials, patent protection, advertising and promotion of the drug, the cost of one pill is much lower for them. So, they can afford selling it much cheaper. If you want to buy Viagra for men at the best price, consider generics.