Erectile Dysfunction (ED): What Women Should Know About the Problem!

Loss of erection is a difficult situation not only for a man but for his partner, too. Very often a woman doesn’t help a man and even compounds the problem with inadequate reaction and actions. But the right, understanding behavior of a woman contributes to the solution of the problem.

What Women Should Know About a Male Erection

The occurrence of an erection is aErectile dysfunction (ED): What Women should Know about the Problem! complex process involving the nervous system, blood vessels and smooth muscles of the penis. Initially, under the influence of sexual arousal, the brain sends signals to the nerve endings in the penis, so it becomes bigger and hardens.

Wrong functioning of one of the systems provokes the failure of a male to achieve erection. A woman should know and convince her partner that a partial disorder of erectile function doesn’t mean that it’s impotence.

This is a temporary phenomenon that’s successfully cured under an immediate contact with a doctor.

A Man Has Lost Potency: What a Woman Should and Shouldn’t Do

According to psychologists, erectile dysfunction causes almost similar feelings in both partners: frustration, dissatisfaction, fear of being ostracized, awkwardness. The problem is that a lot of pairs aren’t able to discuss the problem sincerely, and as a result, each of them keeps their difficulties and experiences to themselves. It’s important to find the right words for support and think what to do with the problem if it’s happened.

Women shouldn’t:

  • –show excessive concern about the failed erection. This attention emphasizes the ineptitude and exacerbates the depression. Intead, say that it doesn’t matter for you: it looks like you’re ignoring the problem of the partner, which they may want you to do.
  • –if you wish for intimacy, and your man suddenly has lost the erection, don’t look for an immediate solution of the problem and don’t demand he continue. It’ll worsen the situation and increase his stress. The best way out is to opt for sex at another time.
  • –if your partner has erectile dysfunction, don’t discuss the problem with your friends, colleagues or relatives. The only person who you may share with is a doctor.
  • –despite the difficulties in intimate life, refrain from recrimination, accusations of sexual impotence and showdown.

The first thing that should be done if there’s a problem is changing the partner’s lifestyle. The male’s body needsErectile dysfunction (ED): What Women should Know about the Problem! a certain set of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients. Try to minimize the amount of fatty and spicy food. You should add the products full of zinc. Marine fish, shrimps, honey, eggs, celery, ginger, parsley affect the male potency positively. Some foods, such as meat, require a lot of energy. Take this into account when planning the menu for a romantic dinner.

Restful sleep at night, lack of stresses, refusal of bad habits are much more important than you think.

You can cook broths and tinctures from herbs for your partner after the consultation with a physician, of course. They will not give an instant effect, but a regular use of herbal remedies is possible to achieve a certain result. Take the ginseng root, nettle, aloe for example.

When Is It Better to Send Your Partner to a Specialist?

Erectile dysfunction (ED): What Women should Know about the Problem!Erectile dysfunction comes slowly if it’s caused by organic factors. In this case, the healing can take more time, because it’s necessary to treat the sickness causing the potency. Don’t despair! Nowadays medicine offers a lot of ways to regain male potency. These are the treatment options and medications. In the extreme case, a patient can rely on surgery and prosthetics.

The main role of a loving woman is supporting her man in this difficult period of his life. It is much easier to deal with the problem when you’re together!