1) I am 48 and I’ve had two heart attacks. The second one was half a year ago. Can I take Viagra?

You should not take Viagra without doctor’s prescription. It can be dangerous for you.

2) Can I take 100 mg of Viagra every day for the protracted treatment? I’ve heard that it’s possible to cure ED in such a way?

Viagra is used for symptomatic treatment only. Do not take it without a particular need.

3) Is it true that Viagra can cure some chronic lung diseases? I’ve thought that it’s purely an impotence drug, but my friend says that he takes it for other reasons.

Viagra can be used not only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but for the treatment of prostatitis and pulmonary hypertension as well.

4) Can Viagra be taken with food and/or alcohol?

Taking Viagra with alcohol is not recommended because alcohol slows down its absorption and delays the effect. However you can take a pill with meals. But keep in mind that products with high fat content must not be used with Viagra.

5) Is it dangerous to take Viagra if you’re a healthy man? What will happen if a man with a normal erection takes Viagra?

Nothing will happen to him. Literally nothing, if he is absolutely healthy. Viagra works only when needed. When it is not needed, it doesn’t work.

6) I have low testosterone and I can’t attain a normal erection. I get tired quickly and realize that I don’t want sex. Will Viagra help me?

Go to an endocrinologist, check your testosterone level and get an adequate treatment. Viagra will help you to solve problems with erection, but your sex drive doesn’t depend on it.

7) Can I take two 50 mg Viagra pills instead of one 100 mg pill? Won’t it be an overdosage?

Always follow your doctor’s prescription. In general, nothing will happen if you take two pills instead of one. But they should be taken at once. It’s forbidden to take Viagra more than once a day.

8) Can I divide (cut) one 100 mg pill of Viagra into two 50 mg parts and take them separately?

No, you are not recommended to do so. Viagra pills are swallowed whole, without chewing or breaking. You’d better buy 50 mg tablets instead.

9) Does Viagra influence the sensitivity of the penis?

There are no independent medical data regarding this issue. Some men report on improved sensitivity after taking Viagra, while others say that sensitivity reduces, causing prolongation of sexual intercourse.

10) Does Viagra influence a fetus? How is it combined with plans for pregnancy? My wife and I want to have a baby. But I am taking Viagra, and I am afraid that it will influence the health of the child in future.

Viagra is a safe drug in this case. It doesn’t influence the course of pregnancy or a fetus.