How to Cope With Anxiety Before Sex With a New Partner: Tips for Men!

Men and Sex: a Vulnerable Matter

This thought haunts minds of thousands of men worldwide and makes them do illogical and sometimes stupid things. In all modern cultures, men are considered the stronger sex. Men are active, men take the first step in relations, men are never scared of anything and never cry. This is the way many of us draw the image of real masculine men. Males themselves still believe that one of the signs of masculinity is a number of sexual partners. Even though it is not so, stereotypes sit deep inside us and are difficult to deal with.

How to Cope with Anxiety before Sex with a New Partner: Tips for Men!But are modern men really so immune to weaknesses? It turns out that everything is quite the contrary. Men are rather vulnerable from the psychological point of view, and sexual performance is one of the most vulnerable spheres for them. Probably, the most common reason why men order generic Viagra online is a fear or failure, and not real sexual problems.

Why Do You Feel Anxiety?

It happens for the following reasons:

  • How to Cope with Anxiety before Sex with a New Partner: Tips for Men!You expect too much from the first sex with a beloved (or just attractive) woman. You want to be best of the best, blowing her mind immediately. Such inflated expectations create big psychological pressure for men, making them really nervous. A pill of Viagra, in this case, plays the role of a placebo rather than really helps.
  • Men don’t want to find themselves in an awkward situation. Their minds draw terrible pictures. The new girlfriend didn’t like the size or the shape of his sexual organ. He finished too early and she didn’t get an orgasm. And the most frightening: despite all the efforts, erection didn’t occur.
  • Yes, this is really frustrating, but in fact, an expectation of a failure is much more frustrating than a failure itself.

Interestingly enough, women are usually calmer and have a more pragmatic look on the things.

What NOT to Do to Reduce Anxiety

Of course, guys put much effort into coping with their anxiety. But the more they think of it, the more nervous they get. Some find a solution in the form of alcohol intake. But this is definitely not the best way out of the situation. Alcohol reduces your sensitivity and has a negative impact on erection. In addition, it can turn out that your new girlfriend can’t stand the smell of alcohol.

Another popular method is taking drugs to improve potency. Considering how much Viagra costs, guys frequently choose generics or alternatives. But is there a real need for them? We know that Viagra resolves one particular issue – improves blood inflow to the penis, thus improving erection in cases when circulation is disturbed for some reason. But if your circulation is OK, and you don’t have issues with erection, Viagra won’t help you to remove anxiety. Of course, it can have a placebo effect, but it is still not a guarantee of your success, and side effects of Viagra can bring to naught the result.

What You SHOULD Do to Reduce Anxiety

1. First of all, stop blaming yourself. You are not guilty of anything. Just admit the fact that you are nervous and forgive yourself for a possible future failure in advance.

2. Keep in mind that thousands of men worldwide face the same problems as you every day. You are not alone in this huge world. Your feelings are absolutely normal.

How to Cope with Anxiety before Sex with a New Partner: Tips for Men!

3. Your girlfriend is likely to be anxious as well, even though she doesn’t show it. She may be imagining the worst things in the world in her mind right now, and your task is to calm her down.

4. Don’t expect too much from your first sexual experience with a new partner. The first night together is not for demonstrating your skills in bed. It is to grow an acquaintance. Girls estimate their sexual partners based on their inner feelings, their overall sensations, their smell and a variety of other factors. Don’t try to impress her with different tricks in bed and different poses. Instead, show your affection and passion.

5. Spend more time on foreplay. The duration of foreplay for many girls is much more important than the duration of intercourse itself. This is especially true for young men, who can’t last long. If you spend 15 to 20 minutes on foreplay, the intercourse can take three to seven minutes and result in simultaneous orgasm.

Finally, keep in mind that your masculinity is not determined by your number of sexual partners. More than that, frequent changes of sexual partners can have an adverse effect on your sexual performance. Mind that stability and regularity are crucial in men’s sexual disorders prevention.