Men’s Bad Habits and How They Can Influence Health and Well-Being

When we speak about bad habits, we usually mean smoking and drinking alcohol. Without any doubt, the majority of people are well aware of negative effects that these particular addictions cause. But not everyone knows that there are some other habits that can have a serious impact on the people health. Some of them are particularly harmful for men. What are they? Let’s see.

Top Five Worst Habits of Men

  • Smoking and alcohol.Sperm cells of smokers are not only less in number, but also worse in terms of their quality. And alcohol abuse causes fatty degeneration of seminiferous tubules and sclerosis of tests. Especially dangerous for men’s health is beer. Keep in mind that alcohol abuse sooner or later will cause problems with potency.
  • Unhealthy nutrition habits. Overweight and obesity are usually caused by taking much unhealthy food and lack of motion. Overweight men often have problems with fertility and potency. Moreover, a young but overweight man has fewer chances to father a child than a middle-aged man with a normal weight. And fatty tissues perform the function of an endocrine organ, which produces female hormones inhibiting male hormone production. That is why overweight men often have reduced testosterone level, which makes them less masculine.
  • Placing notebooks on the laps. Men often put their laptops on their laps when working. This is a mistake. The heat produced by a laptop influences the temperature in the marsupium. This, in turn, has a negative impact on the reproductive function in general and the quality of sperm cells in particular.
  • Heated seat. When driving a car in winter men like to use a function of heating a seat. This bad habit, again, causes overheating of testes, which influences the man’s fertility. If a man uses this function regularly, his reproductive function can suffer. Doctors recommend avoiding overheating of men’s genitals whenever it’s possible.
  • Placing a cellular phone into a trouser pocket. Sperm cells don’t like emission of modern digital devices and appliances.

Negative Consequences of Men’s Bad Habits

When specialists speak about prevention of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), they always recommend to abandon bad habits first. Ignoring these recommendations can cause problems, which are far from innocent. The main problems that men usually suffer from are problems with erectile function and infertility. But if the symptoms of ED can be eased by certain medications such as Viagra for men, that is great, because problems with fertility are much more difficult to cure. That is why, men who are planning to become fathers soon should be especially careful with their habits.