Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Maintain Sexual Health!

According to experts’ data, over 10 million men worldwide suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and their number is constantly growing. What is even worse, more and more young men are falling into this category. This fact is associated with a worsening ecological situation, growing number of cars, computers and various modern appliances, which make people move less and sit more, unhealthy nutrition, availability of alcohol and drugs, propaganda of “free love” and some other factors.

Though today there are effective drugs for ED treatment, such as Viagra for men, in general, treatment of this disorder is expensive and complicated. For this reason, health specialists strongly recommend to place greater focus on preventive measures.

What To Do To Improve Your Sexual Health

There are some simple things that help to maintain sexual health at the optimal level. But you need to take some efforts to implement them.

  • Lose weight. Extra weight is an additional load on the cardiovascular system and the heart in particular. Erection quality to a large extent depends on the quality of blood circulation, and the latter depends on the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system. Moreover, overweight men tend to have reduced libido.
  • Abandon smoking and drinking. Though trivial it may sound, in fact, tobacco and alcohol are enemies of potency. Smoking has a strong vaso-constrictive effect, which is deleterious for erection.
  • Keep a well-balanced diet. Try to eat natural healthy food – meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Throw away all types of fast-food, semi-processed food from supermarkets, products containing refined sugar, white flour and saturated fatty acids. And don’t overeat.
  • Try to be physically active at least 30 minutes a day. Even short regular exercises will help you to cope with a headache, improve blood circulation and prevent problems with erection. And any sport activities, especially swimming, running and all types of active sport games increase your chances for longer sexual activity.
  • Don’t overwork. A good rest is crucial for a good health. Try to sleep seven to eight hours at night, and don’t spend too much time at work. After all, your own health is much more important than any career.

When Is It Time to See a Doctor?

Prevention is a powerful tool in treating any disorder. But sometimes there are situations, when it’s better to consult a specialist in order to find the right solution. It’s time to see a health specialist in the following situations:

  • You have clear symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Medical advice in this case can be necessary. A specialist will help to determine the cause of your disorder and prescribe an adequate treatment, for example with Viagra.
  • You have problems with the heart, including unstable blood pressure, or chronic diseases of kidney, liver and other organs. These are quite serious situations requiring medical control. Self-medication is contraindicated.