Sex and Alcohol: To Drink or Not to Drink, Facts and Expert Opinion

There is no need to say that alcohol has a negative effect on people’s health, and men’s sexual health is not an exception. However, for some men and women, sex is associated with alcohol. The truth is that despite all its negative sides, alcohol has some advantages that make it attractive when it comes to sex. Even sexologists sometimes recommend to have a small drink before sex in certain situations. Unfortunately, there is such a fine line between one small drink and getting drunk…

Positive Sides of Drinking Alcohol

The advantages of taking some alcohol before sexual intercourse are the following:

Alcohol helps you get relaxed and set your mind to having sex. If you are too nervous about the forthcoming meeting, or are not sure about your own attractiveness in your partner’s eyes, a couple of drinks will ease the tension and make you relaxed, thus reducing the risk of failure. However, keep in mind that the risk of failure can be successfully eliminated by taking a pill of Viagra for men.

Alcohol removes psychological barriers and makes people sexually unfettered. It helps to shy men and women feel free and even try something new in sex. This increases the quality of sex and the level of satisfaction of sexual life.

Alcohol increases sex drive. If you have problems with sexual desire for some reason, a couple of strong drinks with help you to set up your mind to sex. Of course, this method of raising libido shouldn’t be used too often.

Finally, alcohol stimulates blood circulation, and when taken in small doses it can improve the quality of erection. However, doctors do not recommend to experiment with it. If you have problems with erection, you’d better use a safer method of its regulation.

Negative Sides of Drinking Alcohol

The disadvantages of taking alcohol before sex include the following ones:

It’s an additional load to all systems and organs, especially heart and cardiovascular system. For some people a combination of alcohol and sex (which is also a serious load) can be dangerous. It is especially true for aging men and those ones having heart problems.

Alcohol worsens symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Trying to improve an erection, you can reach an adverse effect. Moreover, large doses of alcohol can cause impotence. Keep in mind that alcohol, as well as other bad habits, is a killer of erection.

Relaxation and freedom are good for sex, but they also can cause certain negative consequences. Sexually transmitted diseases, undesired pregnancy and other unwanted outcomes are often a result of uncontrolled sexual behavior.

Finally, alcohol reduces sensitivity and makes sexual intercourse itself less satisfying. If you want to get the maximum pleasure from sex, stay sober.

To sum it up, it is worth mentioning that alcohol can make your sex more diverse and have a positive effect on your sexual life in general, if you take it correctly. If you are going to drink something before sex, let it be a couple of glasses of wine. And not every day, of course.