Sildenafil 20 Mg and Vitamins Work as the Best Sex Enhancers for Men

Reduced or absent sexual desire comes through a variety of reasons. Stress at work, disease, taking certain kinds of medication – these are just some of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and poor erections. Few people know, but the lack of certain vitamins can significantly affect your intimate life. The most important “male” vitamins are:

– Vitamin E
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin B1
– Vitamin B5
– Cyanocobalamin or B12

When men take Sildenafil 20 mg to treat their ED or enhance their potency, they must additionally take these vitamins and eat food containing them.

Vitamin E for Blood Vessels and Sildenafil 20 Mg

Vitamin E strengthens the walls of blood vessels better than other vitamins and microelements. It prevents blood clots and contributes to their dissolving, which undoubtedly improves circulation, including the flow of blood in the pelvic area. Vitamin E contributes to strengthening the heart and prevents aging. This vitamin is contained in vegetable oil, walnuts, kiwi fruit, milk, eggs and liver. An adult male must take at least 10 mg of Vitamin E per day to support potency and 25-50 mg to treat it along with generic Viagra 20 mg.

Vitamin C Immunity Enhancer

Vitamin C enhances immunity, improves tissue regeneration and reduces the permeability of blood vessels. It normalizes the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates; it stimulates the formation of antibodies, enhances immunity, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and increases the glycogen reserves in a liver. It also normalizes cholesterol, stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin C is contained in black currants, bell peppers, sea buckthorn, apples, grapefruit, citrus and parsley. Remember – taking a Sildenafil 20 mg tablet to fight with ED, avoid eating grapefruit and citrus, otherwise you cannot control the drug concentration in your blood.

Vitamin B1 for Nervous and Muscular Activity

Vitamin B1 is an excellent stimulant for nervous and muscular activity. It helps blood circulation and it is involved in blood formation. Normal operation of your stomach or heart is not possible without enough thiamine (Vitamin B1). It protects a man from aging, and the bad effects of tobacco and alcohol. Bread products from wheat flour with bran contain large amounts of Vitamin B1. It is available in cereals, beans, meat. Vitamin B1 in the largest amount is found in yeast and nuts.

Vitamin B5 for Energy

Vitamin B5 helps energy production. It is involved in many redox reactions in the body also. The lack of vitamin contributes to obesity, lack of circulation and other pathological conditions that are associated with metabolic disorders in a man’s body. You can find it in the kidneys, liver, egg yolks, bread with bran. The greatest amount of Vitamin B5 is found in yeast and royal jelly.

Cyanocobalamin or B12 Against Insomnia and ED

Lack of Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12 triggers insomnia, memory loss, fatigue, bad concentration, irritability, bad potency. With age, the amount of this vitamin is reduced. Thus, men looking for Sildenafil 20 mg price to start taking this medication for better erections, must take Vitamin B12 additionally. Seaweed, soy, yeast, all meat products, liver, shellfish, fish, peas, beans, cheese are the best sources of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin A and Erection

The lack of vitamin A causes chemical castration, which leads to atrophy of the testicles and the cessation of sex hormones production. It leads also to malfunctions of the cerebral cortex and provokes the development of neurosis. Vitamin A is recommended for men with a low level of sex hormones and atony of the prostate. Vitamin A is contained in liver, cod, sea fish, fish oil, egg yolk, spinach, dried apricots, carrots, etc.