Sildenafil Generic – Perfect Means to Reduce the Negative Impact of Potency

Many factors greatly influence a man’s strength. We will talk about conventional medicines and psychotropic drugs that influence the mental component of the human brain. These include alcohol, drugs, and even cigarettes.

The Impact of Various Factors on Male Power


In small doses, alcohol may have a stimulating effect on the whole central nervous system. But its excessive consumption has major risk factors in the development of male impotence. The most important reason for potency weakening with frequent alcohol consumption is a malfunction of the liver as a result. This ends in changes of male hormonal processes, which are closely linked with sexual function.

In addition, in a state of great alcohol intoxication, the tactile sensitivity is dulled, resulting in inevitable problems with the arrival of ejaculation and sometimes even its absence.


Nicotine is the main harmful component of inhaled tobacco smoke. The biggest pathological work of nicotine is a sustained spasm of small blood vessels, which are heavily involved in the blood supply to the penis. In addition, nicotine leads to atherosclerosis, a serious illness ending with occlusion of vessels.

Most with this disease suffer from heart and brain problems. As a result, myocardial infarction (heart attack) or stroke can occur, which can put an end to normal sexual life. Often there is a narrowing or complete blockage of blood vessels of the male penis. After that, there is chronic male impotence.


Drugs are a big health problem in many countries of the world. The difficulty also lies in the fact that the amount of narcotic drugs taken by people everyday is huge and it is really difficult to discuss the full impact of all of them.

The specificity of their action on the potency is that they do not directly affect the potency mechanisms. Exposure to these substances develops in constant using on the background of the consequences of drug abuse. The main catalyst for the development of impotence with the drug using, is depression, which starts because of breaks in the reception of the drug when the person is no longer able to live without them.


The potency decrease is a rare secondary effect, when taking medications and erectile dysfunction often occurs as a result of failure by pills taking, but you really should be aware of medications that may easily cause problems.

Often potency decrease is due to the antipsychotics – drugs practiced by psychiatrists. The constant using of these drugs may lead to changes in brain motor centers and contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease, causing the deterioration of an erection.

How to Improve All Negative Impacts with Sildenafil Generic

Generic sildenafil citrate is an exact copy of the famous brand, and priced considerably less than the price of the original drug. Sildenafil citrate generic is a “younger” and newer drug, and it has fewer side effects. In general, if you are a person who enjoys freedom and mobility, but has problems with male potency because of bad habits, then generic Viagra is your best choice.