Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms, Types and Diagnosis

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is usually described as a lack of ability to reach erection of the penis and maintain it in the erected state for the time required to complete sexual intercourse. The majority of men, especially at the age of over 40, have experienced such a situation. However, the diagnosis “erectile dysfunction” can be used only if one in four sexual acts fails because the penis is not firm enough. The main symptoms of the disorder are the following:

  • –Insufficient erection of the penis during sexual intercourse.
  • –Reducing of erection in the course of the sexual act.
  • –Reducing or complete loss of sexual drive.
  • –Problems with orgasm.

At an early stage it can be rather difficult to determine whether it is erectile dysfunction or not. The matter is that all these symptoms can as well be a result of fatigue, stress, drinking too much alcohol, lack of sexual arousal and other causes.

When There Is No Reason To Worry

Keep in mind that you don’t have erectile dysfunction, if:

  • –You have normal morning or/and night erections.
  • –In most situations your penis is firm enough for the penetration and normal fulfilling sexual intercourse.
  • –You reach erection during masturbation.

If this is true for you, then you have nothing to worry about. Just have a rest and look for the reason of your problems. Maybe the cause is dissatisfaction with your family life? Or maybe you work too much and just need a change of scene? Or can the problem be with your partner? In such situation psychotherapy can be an effective tool. Consult a psychoanalyst or a psychiatrist, if you can’t determine the roots of your problem by yourself.

ED Symptoms and Types

Clear symptoms of erectile dysfunction include the following ones:

  • –Night and morning erection doesn’t occur anymore.
  • –During sexual intercourse erection too weak to fulfill the sexual act. Another variant – erection is normal at the beginning of the intercourse but it suddenly gets weaker in the course of making sex.
  • –You cannot reach erection during masturbation, or it is too weak and doesn’t result in ejaculation.

Doctors usually distinguish several stages of erectile dysfunction depending on symptoms. About 56 percent of adult men have a “zero” degree of ED, which means that they have no any problems with potency at all. 23 percent of men have an initial degree of erectile dysfunction. They can fulfill a sexual act in most situations, but sometimes have inexplicable failures in bed, without a clear reason. About 8 percent suffer from a moderate erectile dysfunction – they are able to reach and maintain normal erection from time to time, but have noticeable problems with it. Finally, 12 percent of men are not able to reach erection at all. This is called impotence.

Irrespective of the stage and degree, ED today is effectively treated with modern drugs, such as Viagra for men. However, it’s important to put the right diagnosis as early as possible, because the possibility of complete curing depends on the stage of the disorder.