Uncontrolled Sexual Behaviour and its Negative Effect on Men’s Health

Numerous researchers have repeatedly proved that regular sexual life has a favorable effect on both men and women. Our sexual organs, like any other organs of the human body consisting of muscles, tend to atrophy when they are not used. At the same time, psychologists say that high-quality sex with a beloved person raises the spirits and reduces the risk of depression.

However, all the specialists are of the same mind: positive sides of the regular sexual life take place only when the partners are in permanent stable relations. Uncontrolled sexual behavior, in turn, can have a negative effect on the sexual life of both partners.

Why is it Bad to Change Sexual Partners Often?

Some men like to boast about their numerous sexual adventures. These small and big wins make them feel they are alpha males, leaders, winners at life. However, such uncontrolled sexual behavior has certain negative sides, including the following:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases. There is no need to explain the harm of these diseases to the reproductive system and to sexual health in general. Some diseases, if they are not treated properly, can cause severe side effects in the form of infertility or impotence.
  • — Psychological problems. Though one may suppose that men having a lot of lovers must have a positive self-esteem, in real life everything is quite on the contrary. It is proved that those who have no permanent sexual partner have a higher level of anxiety, and they are more prone to depressions and neuroses.
  • — Potency problems. Though strange it may sound, men living an uncontrolled sexual life rarely are super lovers. They face problems with erections more frequently than those having a permanent partner, and their overall sexual life ends earlier. Also they more often have symptoms of erectile dysfunction at a relatively young age.

Sexual Abstinence VS Uncontrolled Sex

Men living promiscuous sexual lives are not always doing that by their own wish. Many of them just have personal problems: they can’t find a permanent partner, or cannot be together with their beloved ones for some reason. In other words, they are just lonely. And loneliness supposes two possible scenarios: sexual abstinence or uncontrolled sexual behavior. And this is a two-edged weapon. Which is better? It is for you to decide. After all, lack of sex is often even worse than irregular sex. However, if for some reason you don’t have a regular partner, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • — Avoid unprotected sex! Use modern and reliable contraceptives.
  • — Be careful when having sex after long periods of sexual abstinence. If you are too nervous about your sexual power, take one pill of Viagra for men for support, but don’t use it too often without a reason.
  • — Don’t use additional stimulators, such as alcohol and drugs. They will not positively contribute to your sexual health.
  • — Remember that sometimes breaks in sexual life are quite normal. Think, maybe you need just to wait for a little before you meet your soulmate?